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Preventative Medicine

radiology, pet transportation, heartwormRoutine office visits, including: thorough physical examinations; blood and fecal test; annual and semi-annual vaccines; heartworm and flea and tick prevention can help ensure a long and healthy life for your four-legged friend.

Routine dental prophylaxis has shown to prevent serious heart and kidney disease by preventing the transmission of bacteria into the bloodstream from infected teeth and gums. Semiannual dental cleanings are recommended.


We offer a state-of-the-art, computerized X-ray department offering clear, crisp diagnostic films for accurate and rapid interpretations of orthopedic, as well as soft tissue problems.


Our surgical suite offers the latest in safe and effective anesthesia using Isoflurane vaporizer delivery systems and careful monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen levels using Pulse Oximetery to assure smooth, painless surgical procedures with safe and uneventful recoveries.

We also carry a 7 parameter vital monitor, allowing us to provide real time vitals of your pet under anesthesia.

pet hospital pharmacyPharmacy

Our hospital maintains a fully stocked pharmacy for all your pet’s health needs. We offer special compounding services and can fill most prescriptions for any medication within a day. Dr. Pou is a D.E.A. federally licensed veterinarian.


The most overlooked health risk in dogs, cats and pocket pets is periodontal disease. Besides loose teeth, gum infections and chewing disorders, bacteria from dental disease can lead to congestive heart failure and kidney disease. We offer dental X-ray, ultrasonic dental scalings and periodontal treatments to preserve and maintain a healthy oral environment.

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The south Florida climate has shown to contribute to skin and allergy disorders. Allergy testing, exfoliative skin exams, cultures, biopsy and endocrine testing are just some of the tools used to diagnose and treat your pets skin disorders. We offer a wide array of prescription diets to help successfully manage many food-related skin allergies as well as medicated shampoos and skin treatments to calm irritation and restore luster and health to their coats.

We also offer state of the art allergy testing, which allows us to tailor your pet's specific needs with immunotherapies specifically designed for them.

Laboratory and Diagnostics

We maintain a fully equipped laboratory for complete blood counts, blood chemistry, urinalysis, viral isolation tests, pregnancy testing, electrocardiograms (E.C.G.) and glaucoma pressure testing (Eye Tonometry).

We also offer other laboratory services; which, include but not limited to: Histopathology, Cellular Cytology, PCR, and Viral Titers.

Geriatric Medicine

Dogs and cats age at the rate of approximately 7 years for every one of ours. That means your pet is considered a “geriatric” by the time they reach 8 years old. Significant changes occur and routine geriatric profiles should be done to discover problems early in their course and treat them with appropriate therapies. We want to help you help them stay healthy as long as possible. Senility, arthritis, obesity, impaired hearing and sight are all the subtle changes that occur as our pets get older. Be on the lookout.

Behavioral Counseling

radiology, pet transportation, heartwormTraining your pet at an early age may not be the only way to address serious behavioral problems. Destructive behavior, separation anxiety disorders, senility and cognitive dysfunction disorder, dominant aggression and inappropriate urine marking are only some of the problems encountered on a regular basis. Behavior modification using training and medical therapy can make a real significant difference for you and your pet’s life.

House Calls

Dr. Pou does offer house calls in cases of special needs. Areas are limited and must be made by appointment due to restricted times available.

An additional service charge will be added.

International/Interstate Health Certificates

Whether leaving the country or going on a trip by plane or car, you'll need a certificate of health and vaccinations. Dr. Pou has Special Accreditation to issue Federal International of Interstate health certificates for companion animals.

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